Chapter 328

“When you're there, I will send some men over to protect you. Don’t you worry, I will not let you suffer.” Xyla Quest said again. “You really put a high value on him.” Stanley Batton smirked and he looked so calm as if he was the emperor himself. “Just in case… Although I know you are skilled, but… What if?”   “There’s no what if, I will figure things out. You just leave this matter to me alone.” “No, I must be a part of this. I’m the one who asked you to do it and that’s why I need to be responsible till the end.” Xyla insisted. “Alright, I will let you take this responsibility.” “Of course.”   After she finished her sentence, she felt that something was wrong in what he said just now. Was she really thinking too much today? “By the time, when you and Fred get into the room, you…” “I know what to do.” He switched the topic immediately, “You’re very incredible, to be able to escape from a place like that.” He praised her. “Probably because one’s hidden power will erupt once t

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