Chapter 323

Xyla Quest was saying it word by word. She was as calm as a general coordinating his troop. “The reasons why he did that today was because, firstly, he wanted to take revenge on us. Secondly, he did that to take videos of us doing filthy things in order to take control of us so that we will not dare to expose anything.” Xyla spoke again. “You’re right.” Georgie Clementine agreed to her stand. “Do you still have any questions? Like why did I let him go? Why didn’t I send him straight to the police station?” Xyla’s voice was getting weaker and weaker. At that moment, she felt that the world before her was also starting to spin. “You have your reasons for the things you do.” Georgie smiled. “For the time being, you left him out there to be on the loose. You should have a perfect plan up your sleeves and that plan would be able to put him in jail for the rest of his life… It can even stop his father and uncle from bailing him out.” “Even if we made a big deal out of what happened

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