Chapter 320

She badly hoped that the scene would happen again. But she knew that it was not possible. How could anyone be so lucky every single time? Her sanity was getting weaker and weaker.... She was about to go insane. By her side, Georgie Clementine was feeling the same as well. She could not endure it anymore and indescribable sounds were starting to come out from her mouth. There were layers of perspiration on her forehead. “Have a look at your friend. Just stop acting tough. Just let it out! Once you beg me, I will let my mastiffs in.” Fred Thomson continued to film the two of them while being serious. He was not satisfied by just standing there and filming. Therefore, he walked right in front of them and directed the camera straight at their faces. He wanted to capture everything, including the slightest change on their facial expression. He was getting all excited and crazy at every scene. Xyla Quest attempted to lift her leg and kick him hard but her legs were glued together.

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