Chapter 31

“Oh, I understand now. The investment opportunity was just a decoy. Inviting us out to have a good time was also a decoy. The truth is that you want us to buy property from our sister-in-law, isn’t that so?” Henry had a look of realization on his face. “It will be launched in a week… You will each purchase a single block,” Stanley Batton said firmly to suggest it was non-negotiable. “D*mn! An entire block? You are asking for too much.” Henry groaned. “You are openly stealing from us!” Sebastian complained. Gary Lakes did not say anything. Instead, he touched his forehead helplessly. Apart from Stanley, Gary was the person who spoke the least. “So?” Stanley looked at each of them in turn. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling at the moment. “I’ll buy it.” Henry nodded helplessly. He felt that he was being forced to make a purchase. “I’ll buy it too. How can we not buy property from our sister-in-law’s family business?” Sebastian rolled his eyes at Stanley. ‘D*mn. My

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