Chapter 312

“If you’re not convinced, go out there and ask for her WeChat account details. If you can get it, I’ll pay for all your expenses today. But if you can’t, you’ll have to buy Rachel a limited-edition Hermes handbag later. What do you think?” Sebastian Brenand asked. “I’m not afraid,” Henry Armstrong said as he glanced disdainfully at Sebastian. He then sauntered away. Georgie Clementine had just opened her car door when Henry left the café. Today, she drove her white Audi R8. The scene of a luxury car and a beautiful woman was a wondrous sight. “Georgie…” Henry approached her with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. Georgie nodded slightly at him. She seemed aloof. “We’ve met in the past,” Henry said. “Hmm.” “Please allow me to introduce myself formally. My name is Henry Armstrong,” Henry said with an extended hand. “Hello,” Georgie said and nodded without shaking his hand. “Has anyone ever told you that you seem aloof?” He asked. She seemed like a proud peacock

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