Chapter 309

Georgie Clementine would never let the female actresses she managed miss such an opportunity. Georgie agreed to Fred Thomson’s invitation right away. After that, she quickly fixed her make-up and made her way to a café on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel, where Fred had suggested the meeting. At this time of the day, there weren’t many people in the café. Only a few tables were occupied. When Georgie arrived, Fred was already waiting for her at a table by the window. Middle-aged, Fred was balding, and he seemed out of place compared to the young people around him. When Fred saw Georgie, he waved at her enthusiastically. Georgie waved enthusiastically in return before walking over and sat across from him. She was wearing over-the-knee boots. “I wonder why Director Thomson has asked to meet me today?” Georgie cut to the chase. “Naturally, it’s about the casting of the female lead for my new drama series. Chief Clementine, I’m quite happy with the people you have recommended. I

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