Chapter 306

The Sullivan family left the ward with Xyla Quest after bidding farewell to Jeremy Quest. As soon as he walked out of the ward, Tom Sullivan let out a long sigh. He quickly reached into his pocket for his car keys. “I'm going to go get the car now,” he said with his head lowered. After that, he left without turning back. Tom walked very quickly and did not even look up at anyone as he walked away. Julian Sullivan silently leaned against his wheelchair as Bailey Ronson wheeled him along. He fixed his eyes upon Tom from behind and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. However, after a second, he looked away and a gentle expression returned to his face. *** When Xyla arrived home, Stanley Batton happened to be walking down the stairs and was looking at his phone with a concentrated expression on his face. He was wearing a white knit shirt and brown slacks, an outfit that couldn’t be simpler, but he made it seem unusually elegant and noble. “I was just about to look for you next door. W

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