Chapter 300

Feeling thoroughly embarrassed, Cecelia Conner was at a loss for words. “It really was an accident…” She had no choice but to act dumb. But even if she explained herself, nobody in the house would believe her. “Look at this child of yours… Her hands are all over the place. How could you touch your cousin-in-law with your leg? Aren’t you far too careless?” Emily Quest’s aunt stood up and berated her daughter to diffuse the tension in the air. Stanley Batton ignored them and grabbed a piece of pork before placing it in Xyla Quest’s bowl. Jeremy Quest looked coldly at Cecelia. “You’re having dinner at my house. You need to respect my rules. Keep your hands to yourself.” When Jeremy said these words, Cecelia felt even more embarrassed. It felt as if Stanley and Jeremy had slapped her in front of everyone. Her cheeks felt unbearably hot. “Okay… I understand, Uncle.” Cecelia nodded. Emily’s aunt rolled her eyes at Cecelia before giving her a look, indicating that she should start ea

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