Chapter 29

There were innate qualities of nobility and elegance about the tall man who walked away. Xyla could not help but think that people would perceive him as a high-class man from an ultra-rich family if they did not know his identity. With such good-looking physical appearances and noble qualities, he would outshine most people in the upper-class. After staring at him from behind for a few seconds longer, Xyla began driving home… Once Stanley arrived by the roadside, he gave Zack Cassidy a call. “Zack Cassidy… Buy a car just like the one I drove home last night. “Also, I think the property in Imperial Prime is decent.” “Imperial Prime? Doesn’t that belong to the Quest family? It’s a luxurious little neighborhood. I think it’s pretty good. Would you like to purchase a unit?” Zack Cassidy asked. “An entire building,” Stanley said. “Okay.” “Buy it one week later.” “Yes.” “I’m in front of the Quest family’s house. Send someone to pick me up.” Before Zack could respond, Stanley hung up. Closely

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