Chapter 291

Why was Sharon Lindt doing this? After some careful thought, Xyla Quest recalled that Sharon had been friendly to her ever since they first met at the Imperial Prime sales gallery. When the sales assistants heard what Sharon said, they were all shocked. Faye White, who was browsing through clothes, was also equally surprised. Did Sharon just say she wanted all the spring outfits? How much would that cost? Buying all the newest designs in a Chanel store was Faye’s biggest wish. She could not believe that her wish was being granted to the woman she just looked down on. Faye felt extremely jealous. By then, Xyla had already decided to ignore Faye completely. She looked at the sales assistant who had Sharon’s black card in her hand. “Miss, please wait a moment.” Xyla then turned to look at Sharon gently and said, “Aunty Lindt, thank you, but you don’t have to spend that much money on me. Besides, I don’t like all the outfits. I’ll buy the ones that catch my eyes on my own.” Xyla wa

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