Chapter 285

Gary stood up as well and tidied his suit. “I’m leaving too. I have something to do as well.” After the three left, only Xyla, Henry, and Stanley were left in the room. Ring, ring, ring. Just then, Xyla’s phone rang. Seeing that it was Georgie calling, she got up and went to the door to answer the call. Georgie was talking to her about work in X Entertainment, so Xyla discussed with her earnestly. Henry had no plans to leave. He kept smoking without care. “Henry…” Stanley raised his head slowly, shifting his cold gaze to Henry’s face. “Yeah?” “Alex…” Before Stanley could finish, Henry became solemn. “Definitely not… It took me great difficulty to train this person. If I give him to her, what’s going to happen to my team?” “That land in the city center… haven’t you always wanted it to build a pub there?” Stanley elegantly flicked his cigarette. His tone was calm and casual. Upon hearing this, a light sparked in Henry’s eyes. “Really? Are you willing to give me that

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