Chapter 276

Through the smoke in the air, Stanley slowly turned around and examined Xyla’s face with a deep look in his eyes. “You don’t have to return anything to me for now,” he said calmly after exhaling a puff of smoke. “Let me thank you by buying you a meal tonight,” said Xyla. “Sure.” “I’ll decide on the place and send you the location on WeChat,” said Xyla with a forced smile. “Okay,” he replied with a gentle look on his face. “Is there any particular restaurant you’d like to go to?” “Anything is fine. Wherever you like.” The driver who overheard the conversation was shocked. He could not resist peeking at Stanley through the rearview mirror. Stanley’s gentle demeanor was giving him a heart attack. Was Stanley capable of saying things this nicely? Why had he never known about it? The driver had never heard Stanley saying the words ‘anything is fine’ in front of him or anyone else. This girl was amazing. “I noticed you were acting strangely when I walked through the door earlier. Y

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