Chapter 274

When Xyla saw what happened to Tom, who was all over her just a moment ago, her anger immediately faded away. This was an extremely bloody scene, which she wished to never see again. Subconsciously, she buried her face in Stanley’s chest and shook her head to let him know she was not hurt. Stanley rubbed her chin against her head and asked in a soft voice, “What do you want me to do to him?” Xyla tried to open her mouth. When she realized she could finally speak, she sighed in relief. “That’s enough. Send him to the hospital,” she said. Regardless of what Tom did, they could not kill him. Otherwise, it would be a difficult situation to resolve. After responding to Stanley, Xyla hugged him tightly once more. Since she was still in shock, keeping Stanley close to her was the only way she could recover quickly. “That’s not enough. Beat him up,” said Stanley, looking at the men dressed in black by the door. His facial expression had turned cold once more. “Are you crazy?! Do you know

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