Chapter 26

Tom Sullivan seemed annoyed as he murmured to himself, “What a b*tch!” After that, Tom hurriedly steered the car in the opposite direction and tried to leave. Emily Quest immediately moved in the same direction and extended her hands around the front of the car. “Tom Sullivan! I’m pregnant! You can’t leave me here!” She was shouting so loudly that her face seemed deformed. The veins on her neck and the back of her hands were apparent. Meanwhile, the Sullivan family heard every word clearly. Tom was dumbfounded. He immediately got out of the car and grabbed Emily by her wrist. “What did you say? Are you pregnant?” He asked coldly. For the sake of pleasure, Tom had never worn condoms when they had sex. Therefore, it was not exactly impossible for her to become pregnant. However, why did it have to happen right now? Tony Sullivan and Bailey Ronson were both shocked as they looked at Emily in disbelief. Although they did not like Emily, the child she was bearing belonged to the Sullivan fa

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