Chapter 265

“We’ve met, but she still doesn’t know who I am. It’s difficult to explain certain things to you right now. Just remember that she belongs to me. As for everything else, don’t say too much, and don’t ask too much, got it? Just like how I don’t get involved with your work in the entertainment industry, and haven’t exposed your identity, I hope you can treat me in the same way,” Stanley said each word sternly. Although Josh did not understand what exactly Stanley was trying to say, he nodded and did not ask any further. “I’ve got it,” said Josh, nodding again. “Alright, go and make things clear,” said Stanley as he took out his lighter and played with it. A small flame flickered between his fingers. “I understand, and I won’t keep thinking about my sister-in-law anymore.” “Yeah. I hope you can keep your promise,” replied Stanley. Getting out of the car, Josh took a deep breath before turning around and heading back into the restaurant, waving his hand as he walked. He had no idea h

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