Chapter 263

Xyla was dumbstruck and instantly asked, “Who are you guys?” The men in black clothing remained silent, simply politely nodding at her in unison before walking over to Josh. “Come with us.” Compared to Xyla, Josh was much calmer and seemed composed. “Can’t you see that I’m on a date?” he asked. However, without waiting for him to speak, the man in black leading the group beckoned the others. In a flash, Josh was forcefully picked up by a few men. “Pardon me,” said the leader of the group. Xyla immediately frowned hard. She got up and asked, “Who are you guys? Do you have any idea what you’re doing right now?” “It’s okay, I know these people. They’re from my family,” Josh comforted her. Xyla’s heart gradually relaxed at this. “Come with us,” the leader of the group repeated. After that, they took Josh away by force. He struggled and resisted, but it was futile. Finally, he could only let them take him away. He turned to Xyla and smiled. “Wait for me, I’ll be back soon

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