Chapter 260

Xyla put his call on hold before continuing to talk to Georgie. “Alright, alright, do as you please,” Georgie said helplessly. “That’s settled then. I have things to take care of so I’m hanging up. Let’s have a meal next time,” said Xyla. She ended her call with Georgie and switched over to Josh’s call. “Where are you? Do you have time for dinner?” Josh Batton’s voice sounded crisp and gentle as usual. “Yeah, I’m at the Quest Group,” replied Xyla. “I’ll come pick you up. I’ll be there in half an hour.” “Okay.” After hanging up, Xyla browsed through a few more documents. When it was almost time for Josh to arrive, she swiftly touched up her makeup before pulling her hair up into a ponytail and went downstairs with her backpack. Just then, a black Rolls Royce pulled up and stopped right in front of her. The car window rolled down, revealing Josh Batton’s smile. He was driving so there was no one else in the car. “Get in,” he said. Xyla scanned her surroundings. Verifyin

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