Chapter 258

Bailey nodded again. “Only, he might be unwilling to collaborate with us again. If we’d known, we never should have brought up withdrawing our investment. If we hadn’t, we’d still be on good terms.” She was now crying over spilled milk. If the two families were collaborating on a project, they would have a great many chances to meet. The initial awkwardness caused by Emily, Tom, and Mary would also be eased up slightly. And when the Quest family truly became prestigious, the Sullivan Group could benefit a little from them. *** Xyla followed Jeremy into his study. Jeremy led her to sit down at the side of the bed in front of the coffee table. There was an expensive celadon tea set on the coffee table. The tea in the pot was still hot, with steam coming out of it. A faint, refreshing scent of Iron Goddess tea leaves rose together with the steam and enveloped their senses. Xyla slowly poured Jeremy a cup of tea before placing it in front of him with both hands. “Thank you, Dad

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