Chapter 256

“I’ve made my decision. You can do whatever you want to take revenge on me, but the Quest family are not pushovers,” added Jeremy. He was ready to turn against them completely, because what Mary had done was too much. He would stand up for his daughter indefinitely. If a man couldn’t even support his daughter, how was he a man at all? A true man would never let those around him suffer any grievances. “Alright… I announce that our family will withdraw our investment. Return our eight billion at once. Weren’t you very strong-willed? I want to see how you’ll get eight billion dollars in such a short amount of time. When the project has to halt and you’re completely out of ideas, don’t come and beg us,” Bailey uttered every word through gritted teeth, her eyes filled with hatred. Vrrt, vrrt, vrrt… Just then, Jeremy’s phone vibrated. Seeing that it was his assistant calling, he immediately answered. Soon, the tender voice of a woman flowed from the other end, “Mr. President, someon

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