Chapter 254

“When I manage to get him on the phone later, I’ll tell him about it and give him a good scolding, so that he gives up completely,” said Sharon with a straight face. ”It’s my business, I’ll deal with it,” replied Stanley. “Don’t! Let me do it,” Sharon insisted. She knew Stanley’s temper well. Now that his little brother was eyeing his wife, even though Josh had no idea that Xyla was Stanley’s wife, Stanley would most definitely be furious. If the two brothers faced each other like this, Sharon was worried that a conflict would arise. “Just leave it to me, okay?” Sharon added. “No need,” Stanley answered without hesitation. He had obviously made up his mind. Sharon knew that saying more would be futile so she compromised, “Then, promise me that you won’t do anything to him.” “Don’t worry,” Stanley reassured. Sharon let out a sigh of relief. “Alright, I’ll hold you to that.” At the mention of this issue, Sharon was irked as well. However, the trigger was not only because

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