Chapter 23

The person was a middle-aged man. Although there were no visible injuries on his body, a few scratches from broken glass were on his face. After that, he quickly walked up to Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton. A strong alcoholic scent immediately wafted through the air… As soon as Xyla picked up the scent, she knew why the car was behaving abnormally. Clearly, the driver had a little too much to drink. Stanley frowned a little before naturally retrieving a debit card from his pocket and placing it in the man’s pocket. “The password is six ones.” “What is the meaning of this?” The middle-aged man seemed confused. “There are five hundred thousand dollars in there. It’s enough for you to buy the same model.” “You drove into my car like a mad man and injured me. Do you think five hundred thousand dollars is enough?” Clearly, the man was not going to give up this easily. “Sue me then,” Stanley said coldly before taking his debit card away. “You reek of alcohol, and you nearly killed someone wh

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