Chapter 234

When Xyla Quest heard these things being said about her, she felt as if these people were throwing punches at her head. As she looked around at the hostile faces around her, she instantly thought it was pointless to defend herself with logic. Such a feeling made Xyla feel suffocated. There was no reason to explain herself to these people because they were not a usual group of people. Therefore, Xyla pushed Georgie aside before standing in front of the middle-aged woman. “There is a surveillance camera in front of our company’s main entrance. The footage will show clearly what happened. My car isn’t cheap. The hood alone cost at least a few hundred thousand dollars. Are you going to pay me in cash, or will you issue me an invoice first?” Xyla asked. The middle-aged woman was stunned when she heard what Xyla said. “A few hundred thousand dollars? Are you trying to rob me? Pay you? That’s impossible,” the woman said after a gulp. “Sure, that’s fine. I’ll leave everything to the la

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