Chapter 232

After breakfast, Xyla Quest got into her red Maserati and drove toward the Quest Group’s headquarters. From afar, she could see countless men and women had gathered in front of the office’s main entrance. The groups of people had large cut-out posters with ‘boycott Xyla Quest’ written all over them. “Xyla Quest, come and right now and give us an explanation,” they chanted as they raised those posters high in the air. Xyla had not expected this to happen at all. Regardless of how bad things got on the internet, Xyla would not have been surprised. However, Xyla was baffled by how the situation had transpired and even affected her in reality. It was obvious that Mary Sullivan had bribed most of these people to cause a scene here. Mary was not capable enough to make things come this far with the fan groups alone. At first, Xyla thought it would have only been a mess on the internet. She never expected things to deteriorate this badly as far as reality was involved. Seeing those hateful com

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