Chapter 230

After ten minutes or so, Josh Batton’s webpage was occupied entirely by the topic surrounding ‘#Josh Batton forced to deny rumors#’. Many of his fans were triggered. After half an hour, ‘#Josh Batton forced to deny rumors#’ claimed the number one spot on the list of most popular topics on the internet. The ‘Josh Batton’s Wives’ fan group, among others, began to fuel the controversy while pointing out that Xyla Quest really did attempt to seduce Josh Batton. Josh had only denied the rumors because he was forced by Xyla to do so. After all, Xyla was the wealthier party and therefore had more power than Josh. In fact, they had even pointed out that Xyla was in an open relationship with her husband. Therefore, she was pictured as a lustful b*tch who went around seducing younger and more handsome men. Closely after that, the ‘Josh Batton’s Wives’ group leader hired many people to continue verbally attacking Xyla with various hateful comments. Many bystanders and internet bullies, who did no

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