Chapter 223

He glanced at the jacket before looking up at her. “Whose jacket is this?” “Josh Batton’s,” she replied softly before turning into the kitchen. She had no intention of explaining too much to this fake husband of hers. The moment she left, the jacket fell to the ground. Stanley got up and simply kicked the jacket aside before entering the kitchen. By then, Xyla’s hands were behind her back, battling with the strings of her white apron. The strings had been tied loosely earlier, so she planned to untie it and redo the knot but it had accidentally become a dead knot. Seeing this, he instantly went up behind her, tipped his head down, and took the strings from her. He started carefully undoing the knot. They were standing really close. The smell of tobacco mixed with peppermint perfume invaded her nostrils. His breaths faintly grazed the back of her neck and earlobes, causing mild electric shocks. As if her chest had been electrocuted, her heart started beating wildly.

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