Chapter 221

They gathered fans to start attacking Xyla on the internet, trying to help enforce the unspoken rules in regards to treating their idol. The other group of people started madly posting abusive comments on Xyla’s photo with Josh and on her personal blog, requesting Xyla to apologize for sexually harassing Josh Batton. They even posted the photo that Mary had sent to the group, telling everyone that Xyla was intentionally leaning on their idol’s shoulder and that she was sly and shameless. They also kept adding information and telling netizens that Xyla Quest had sexually harassed their idol during the show. Saying that Xyla was sticking to him and that their idol had a job contract with her, so he could not lash out. In an instant, they attracted a lot of people who came to watch the drama… Many netizens who didn’t know the truth joined in and berated Xyla in her blog. Xyla had no idea that all of this was happening. After Xyla sent Lana home, she was about to turn her car

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