Chapter 21

“Yeah, I just got to know what she’s really like.” Tom Sullivan seemed equally annoyed when Emily Quest was brought up. Recently, the Sullivan Food Group’s stock price had been severely affected due to what happened between Tom Sullivan, Emily Quest, and Xyla Quest. Moreover, his father had treated him harshly ever since. Tom knew that if he was not obedient, he would lose everything he worked so hard for. Apart from these factors, there was a more important reason. The truth was that he was beginning to find Xyla a much better option than Emily ever since she became beautiful again. Xyla was better than Emily in almost every way. Therefore, Tom loved Xyla even more now. “In that case, I will go to the Quest’s family and call the wedding off tomorrow,” Tony said. “Okay,” Tom said. Julian Sullivan chuckled very politely. “Since Tom has agreed to call the wedding off, Dad, please forgive him.” Tom smiled gratefully at Julian before carefully shifting his gaze to Tony’s face. “Alright. I understand.” Tony stood up and walked upstairs. After Bailey Ronson showed Tom a gesture of victory, she smiled at Julian before walking upstairs as well. “Tom, please push my wheelchair over,” Julian said. Tom hurriedly pushed the gold-plated wheelchair over before slowly helping Julian onto it. “Ha. Look at me. I’m so useless. Even with so much going on in the Sullivan family, I can’t help one bit,” Julian said bitterly. “Big Brother, don’t say that about yourself. It’s not intentional. It’s all because of that accident. That’s why…” “Let’s not talk about it. I’m going upstairs.” After that, Julian pushed himself into the elevator. As soon as the elevator closed, his facial expression immediately turned gloomy, and a cunning look appeared in his eyes. *** On the morning of the next day, Emily Quest was successfully bailed out by the lawyer May Conner had sent. Accompanied by May, she quickly made her way home while keeping a low profile. When the two arrived, Tony Sullivan, Tom Sullivan, Bailey Ronson, and Jeremy Quest were all seated on couches. There was a heavy atmosphere hanging in the living room. “At first, I wished for them to stay together. However, you know about what Emily Quest has been doing recently. It’s really affecting our family a great deal. “When that incident happened yesterday, the voices against the Sullivan family’s consumer products grew louder yet again. Our barely recovering stock price began to fall again. “You run a company too. I’m sure you understand how things like this can severely affect a company.” Bailey Ronson spoke each word seriously. There was a helpless look on her face. Meanwhile, Tom and Tony agreed silently. When Emily heard what was being said and observed the scene unfold, she felt as if her head was about to explode. For an instant, she felt as if the world had gone dark. How could they cancel the engagement she fought so hard for? In a state of disbelief, Emily charged into the meeting and looked at Tom. “Brother Sullivan, how could you call the wedding off? Didn’t you promise you would love me forever?” “I’m sorry, Emily. I don’t think we are suitable for each other,” Tom said. Emily felt as if her heart had been stabbed and was bleeding out a river. “As for compensation, you can ask for as much as you see fit… We will try to satisfy your requests,” Bailey added. Jeremy Quest had a sullen look in his eyes. He glared at Emily before looking at Bailey unhappily. “There isn’t a need for that. Nothing forced would turn out good anyway. Since you have already made things clear, let’s just get it over and done with… My only condition is that Tom should keep his distance from my two daughters from now on.” Jeremy was a proud man. Since the Sullivan family had already spoken, he naturally would not refuse them. Emily seemed shocked. “Dad, how could you agree just like that?” She stomped her feet on the ground. “That’s right, darling, shouldn’t you ask Emily how she feels about this?” May added. “Both of you shut up and go upstairs!” Jeremy yelled unhappily. He was already feeling embarrassed enough. Now that they were behaving like this, he felt even more ashamed. “I’m going out for some fresh air… You may carry on with your discussions.” Tom got up and politely bowed to Jeremy and May. Without even looking at Emily, he walked out the door. Now, he really was disgusted whenever he saw Emily. He could not understand how he ever liked a person with such low standards as her. After walking around the courtyard, he arrived by the main entrance and leaned against the gate as he lit a cigarette. He could finally relax now that the wedding was successfully called off. Right then, Xyla appeared next to Tom in a black business-class Benz. When Tom saw that Xyla was in the car, he immediately charged out in front of her and motioned to stop the car. Xyla felt instantly annoyed by the sight of his face. To avoid running into him, Xyla chose to stop the car. She then rolled down the window halfway and frowned. “What is it?” Tom opened the door and pulled Xyla out of the car before hugging her tightly. “Xyla, my parents came with me to talk about calling the wedding off. Your father has agreed. From now on, I have nothing to do with Emily. Will you give me a second chance?” Since her right ankle had not recovered, Xyla frowned in pain when her foot touched the ground. “I was the one who initiated this. To call the wedding off as soon as possible, I even begged my Dad on my knees. “I did all this so I could rightfully be with you. Xyla, please give me a chance.” Right then, Tom wished Xyla’s body could melt into his. This woman used to be his priceless treasure. She was so pretty that his heart itched. Feeling disgusted by how he hugged her, Xyla forcefully pushed Tom away. “Get lost!” She endured the pain in her ankle when she took two steps back. “Xyla, just give me a chance, won’t you? I admit I was wrong for giving in to her physical charm. You are the one I love. Please come back. I promise I will only love you from now on.” Right then, Emily had walked out of the house and overheard Tom’s romantic confession. She instantly felt a strong sense of jealousy. Did that mean he came over in a rush to call off the wedding to be with Xyla? To get everything she had today, Emily had put in so much time and effort. However, everything changed after Xyla became beautiful again. Emily felt deeply enraged. When Emily saw a black sedan heading toward the Quest family’s main entrance and was getting closer and closer to Xyla, the thought of killing Xyla occurred to her. Tom belonged to her, and no one could take him away. If Xyla was run over and killed today, Tom would definitely change his mind. As she thought of this, Emily disregarded everything else and began running toward Xyla. “Xyla Quest, you b*tch. I will send you down to hell today!” Like a crazy person, Emily raised her hand and pretended to slap Xyla on her face. Just as the car was about to reach Xyla, Emily took the opportunity to change her tactics just as Xyla motioned to grab Emily’s hand to defend herself. “Xyla Quest, go to hell!” Emily cried out with a fierce smile on her face. As soon as she finished her sentence, Emily pushed Xyla out onto the road. As it had happened too suddenly, Xyla was unable to react in time. She instantly fell over— With her head landing on the ground first, Xyla saw everything had turned pitch black from the sensation of pain. Soon after that, she could feel the pain spread around to her limbs and her waist. Once she opened her eyes, she could see that the sedan was barely half a meter away from her. At that moment, her heart began to pound. In fact, Xyla Quest felt as if she could hear the god of death calling out to her. She knew she would soon be mashed into a pulp once the wheels ran her over. Meanwhile, Emily was laughing crazily like a victorious person. In a second, Xyla would be crushed! “Haha… Haha… Xyla Quest, you b*tch. You’re better off dead, so you can’t make other people’s life miserable!”