Chapter 216

Josh cooperated the entire time like a gentleman. After it ended, with the company of his photographer, Josh strode into the hall. With Mary in the lead, the girls quickly followed after him. Their eyes were filled with astonishment. By then, the show had begun. The whole place fell dark, leaving only the runway lit with bright, dazzling lights. A group of models was currently on stage, showcasing the clothes on their bodies professionally. The clothes on display were all women’s wear. However, even with the dim lights, Josh Batton still attracted countless gazes. Everyone could not resist looking at him with amazement in their eyes. Seeing Josh looking around, Mary immediately hurried over to him and asked ardently, “Brother, are you looking for your seat? Which number is it? I’ll help you.” “No need,” Josh replied faintly without looking at her. Instead, his eyes were locked onto Xyla Quest, who was chatting animatedly with Lana. His lips curled into a grin. “

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