Chapter 214

After the call, Lana sent her a WeChat message with the time and location details. She expressed that she would get someone to send Xyla the invitation card. Xyla simply replied with an ‘Okay’. Although Lana did not mention which show it was, Xyla knew. It was Chanel’s grand fashion show in Country Z. Josh and the other more popular celebrities in X Entertainment had received an invitation. Those who could attend such an event were all prestigious aristocrats and celebrities. *** Three days later. After finishing work at Quest Group, Xyla hurried home to put on exquisite makeup before walking into her dazzlingly filled closet and changing into a dress she had prepared in advance for the show. Slightly curled black hair fell naturally at her shoulders. Wearing a white sleeveless tight-fitting knee-length dress, paired with black fur and a tear-shaped diamond necklace the size of a pigeon egg around her neck, she looked noble, beautiful, and pure. She threw on a p

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