Chapter 212

As the situation was becoming unfavorable, May immediately fell over, holding a hand to her heart as she gasped loudly, wearing a torturous expression. When he heard the sound, Jeremy looked back at once. Upon seeing this, he hurried back to her and held her up carefully. Jeremy asked in concern, “Are you okay?” May held her heart and shook her head. “No… I’m not. My wound is hurting again. I must have been too agitated.” Jeremy’s heart softened. “Let me take you back into the room to rest.” May shook her head and said through tears, “I don’t want to rest. I think I should just die. With Emily in such a situation, what’s the point of me living? “Honey, I’ve finally realized a lot of things now from my stance. On the one hand, I truly despise her. How can she be so disappointing? She had clearly promised me that she wouldn’t harm Xyla, so why did she do such terrible things? I think she should just accept whatever punishment she receives from the law. “But on the other han

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