Chapter 2078

Apart from doing what his parents wanted him to do, Sebastian Brenand didn’t have another option. They had found his weak point with Rachel Wood in their hands. Beep, beep, beep— When his phone started ringing, he took one look at his screen to see his mother calling and directly rejected the call. He was afraid he couldn’t stop himself from heading home to kill her if he heard her voice now. Rachel was so fragile. He couldn’t imagine the torture she was going through. Why did they have to do this to her when she had already made up her mind to leave? Sebastian’s phone soon started ringing again. He ignored it again, but the calls kept coming. Growing impatient, he picked it up and yelled into the mouthpiece. “What exactly do you want? Are you checking to see if your son has died after all the things you’ve done?” On the other end of the call, his mother sounded calm. “I’ve checked that woman’s background. She used to be a hostess. She doesn’t deserve a family like ours, son.

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