Chapter 2076

Stanley Batton wore a white shirt with a black suit under a long, black woolen coat. His appearance was like a dominant CEO described in novels. There was a cold, noble aura that surrounded him. After getting out of the car, he subconsciously looked up in Xyla Quest’s direction, his lips instantly curving into a smile when he saw her. At that moment, the coldness around him dissipated. Stanley hastened his footsteps into the house with a bag of roasted chestnuts, heading directly into the bedroom where his wife greeted him with a hug as soon as he entered. “How did it go? Did you find out who did it?” she asked eagerly as she inhaled the agarwood cologne on Stanley’s body. His unique scent made her feel very warm and safe. His arms wrapped around Xyla, returning her hug. “Yeah, you were right. Sebastian’s parents made Rachel leave.” Xyla didn’t reveal any emotions when she heard this. She pulled away from Stanley to gaze up at him. “What?” Frowning, he handed the bag of roaste

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