Chapter 2070

“All right,” Xyla Quest replied. “Stay home and rest in the afternoon. Don’t walk around too much, and don’t play with your phone,” Stanley Batton reminded. “Okay,” she agreed readily. “Good girl.” “What are you doing now?” she asked, already missing him although they hadn’t been apart for long. “Nothing in particular. I’m just checking how everyone’s doing in each department,” he answered. “Oh. I’m having my lunch now. Your mother’s cooking is delicious,” she declared. Stanley chuckled. “Have some more, then. How about our children? Have they been good?” Apart from his wife and parents, he now had his children to miss. Xyla broke into a grin when he mentioned their children, her gaze softening. “They’ve been amazing. They’re just as happy and adorable as they were yesterday.” “Okay, you should continue with lunch. I’ll see you tonight,” he told her. “Okay.” Stanley ended the call wearing a smile on his face. Seeing how gentle and happy Stanley seemed next to him, Zack Cas

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