Chapter 206

Xyla said nothing but hugged Jeremy in silence. “I just feel apologetic toward you.” Xyla’s eyes gradually turned red. “Don’t say such things anymore.” Jeremy gently let go of her. “Say, since she was faking her pregnancy, why wasn’t she exposed when she entered the detention center?” Jeremy could not figure this out. The doctors outside could be bribed, but after entering the detention center, how could she bribe the doctor in such a short amount of time? “Maybe she bribed the person who took her blood sample.” She had thought of this question before. Because once Emily was taken into the police car, she no longer had the chance to contact the outside world. Hence, the possibility of someone helping her from the outside was zero. The only possibility left was that she had promised the person responsible for her health checkup, and that person caved after hearing Emily’s tempting offer. After Emily was released, Xyla had secretly hacked into Emily’s phone and realized tha

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