Chapter 2057

“Yeah,” Stanley Batton replied. “I think she's related to the plum flower birthmarks on the back of our children’s hands,” Xyla Quest said. “Yeah,” he uttered. “That’s why I think she was telling the truth. My instincts tell me the same,” she added. “Yeah.” Appearing to be lost in thoughts, Stanley said very little, and seeing him this way made her a little curious. “What is it?” Stanley gently hugged her before holding onto the book in his hand. “I just feel that all this is getting stranger by the second.” Xyla nodded slightly. “Yeah.” Things were getting stranger. “She said the objects would be able to help us during a crucial moment. What did she mean by that? “Maybe the silver hairpin contained magic or fairy essence? “Maybe something sealed inside will come out and help us during a crucial moment? “And what about the blank book? It doesn’t look like it contains any fairy essence. I can’t see what it’s useful for, but maybe it's a martial art manual or a cultivation ma

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