Chapter 2051

When the call ended, Stanley Batton walked over to Xyla Quest and held her hand. She turned around to gaze at him quizzically. “Did something come up in the office?” “No, nothing,” he replied. “I heard the word ‘meeting’. Do you have a meeting?” Xyla questioned further. Whenever her husband hosted a meeting, it involved something significant. “Yeah, but it’s not important,” he insisted. She knew he was lying. “You should go. You’ve already put off a lot of work because of me recently. If this goes on, your staff might start to gossip.” Xyla had no idea that people were already talking about it. Every employee in Dragon Group knew how much Stanley worried about his wife. He practically followed Xyla everywhere for twenty-four hours a day. “It’s fine, I can continue working tomorrow.” “Don’t worry about me. I am all right,” she insisted, knowing very well why Stanley had canceled his meeting again. He was concerned that she wouldn’t have anyone to talk to when she was in a bad

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