Chapter 2047

Sharon Lindt gently ruffled Xyla Quest’s hair. “Be good. Just hang in there for one more month.” “One more month,” Xyla murmured, knowing there was no point in resisting. So, she nodded helplessly. Sharon was in a much better mood when she saw how obedient she was. She knew that Xyla and Stanley Batton would be facing a lot of hurdles in the future. She didn’t know whether their family could be torn apart or if she might lose anyone in the family. Hence, she wanted to treat Xyla and Stanley in the best way she could. She wanted to cherish the moments of happiness with her family while they lasted. If she could, she wanted to give Xyla everything in the world. Xyla was now an orphan, and if the Batton family didn’t look after her, no one else would. “Waa… Waah…” Lynette Batton, who was in Wilson Batton’s arms, suddenly started crying right then. Her face turned red, and her legs kept kicking around. There was a sad look in her bright eyes. Seeing this, Wilson felt as if hi

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