Chapter 2045

Xyla Quest knew that Sharon Lindt only had her best interest at heart. People often said that the true colors of a person's in-laws would be revealed once a woman gave birth. This time, Xyla got to know the Batton family even better as the kindest people, apart from her father. They genuinely adored and pampered her. Throughout the entire month of her postpartum recovery, Sharon Lindt and Stanley Batton were the ones who constantly stayed by her side to look after her, refusing to let anyone else visit at the hospital. While Stanley attended to work during the day, Sharon was the only one in the ward, looking after two children. However, she never once complained. At times, Xyla wanted to help whenever she was too busy, but Sharon would order her to get back to bed. She made sure Xyla and her children were well taken care of. During this time, Sharon and Stanley acted like Xyla’s guardian angels, protecting her and the children daily and nightly. “To be honest, I just want t

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