Chapter 2043

“She was talking before she suddenly died. The pathologist is here to investigate the cause of her death,” Zack Cassidy told them. Nobody had expected things to end that way. Sharon Lindt, Xyla Quest, and Stanley Batton all wore shocked expressions. “Let me know when you find out,” Stanley said before hanging up. “She died just like that. After hurting us so badly, it seems too easy on her,” Xyla lamented, still wishing she could shred Betty Starmount to pieces. Her shocking death wasn’t enough to appease her. She wanted to question Betty about the location of that nine-tailed demon fox, but now that plan was ruined. Perhaps, this was all pre-determined as everything happened by fate. Xyla couldn’t have her way just because she wanted it. She probably wouldn’t find the nine-tailed demon fox until it executed its plan, but she wasn't about to give up. She wanted to change her fate, not allowing anything like her father’s tragedy to happen again. It was the only time she would

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