Chapter 2033

Their appearance seemed completely different from before. Indeed, babies protected by spiritual energy were different from ordinary babies. Not only were they alive and well after being kidnapped, but their physical condition even improved. In a short amount of time, they turned from weak and vulnerable babies into their current condition. Xyla had many questions about how her children disappeared and then returned to her side much improved. She had to ask her husband and Yaksha about what happened, but knew she had to wait as there were other priorities right now. Sharon Lindt felt the same way. “Xyla, look at how adorable they are,” she said, gazing fondly at the children. She adored them more than anything in the world and wanted to spend all her time with them. She was curious, though, thinking if they changed so much now, what would they look like once they grow up? Xyla shared her thoughts but didn’t say anything. “Did they drink any milk?” she suddenly thought out lo

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