Chapter 2031

"Look at the state you’re in! Do you think you can handle it?" Stanley Batton asked with a sad look in his eyes. "I know you feel awful. I feel the same way, but please, wait for one night. Once your wound recovers a little, I’ll take you to your father, all right?” The doctor had left strict instructions for Xyla Quest to remain in bed as it was only the first day after her cesarean delivery. Besides, the wound on her stomach had just been torn and sewn back a while ago. How could he let Xyla get hurt? Seeing her like this already made him sad. He would do anything for Xyla to be happy except for what she was asking for right now. She glanced at Stanley with a hopeless gaze. “Honey, my heart hurts. I just want to see my father right now.” At that moment, she wished she had a pair of wings to fly to his side. Xyla knew she shouldn’t be moving around at all, but she couldn't control herself. Her stitches were still fresh, so too many movements could cause another tear. However

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