Chapter 2027

As they spoke, the two children opened their eyes simultaneously. They both had large eyes and dark pupils, glimmering brightly. Just one look was enough to melt both Sharon Lindt and Stanley Batton’s hearts. Then, in the next second, the children smiled broadly. Sharon and Stanley were completely charmed by their smiles. Their grandmother became even more excited, beaming as she carefully held them. “Look! They actually smiled! This is unbelievable. Are you sure they’re the same weak, helpless babies?” They both peered up at Sharon, blinking at her as she spoke. Their eyes seemed to be conveying something. Sharon couldn’t stop smiling as she looked at them. ‘They’re so adorable!’ she thought to herself. Stanley looked at them, chuckling before walking over to Xyla and sitting next to her. He then gently caressed her face. “How is Xyla? Was she all right this afternoon?” Sharon immediately sighed. “How else could she be? She was devastated. I asked her doctor to give her stab

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