Chapter 2021

“They’re in a cave on Mount Barrow right now, but the demon fox isn’t with them,” Yaksha told him. Stanley Batton instantly felt relieved when he heard this, glad that his children were still alive when he thought they'd be dead. “Are they doing all right?” “I’m not sure about that, but regardless of whether they’re fine or not, we need to hurry and make our way there,” Yaksha said. “Can you go there in your current state?” Stanley asked worriedly. “I can. Don’t worry.” With that, Yaksha reached for the railing with difficulty and stood up, immediately coughing as soon as he did. Cough, cough, cough. "If I don’t go with you now, you won’t be able to find your children.” “Thank you,” Stanley replied with a deep frown. “Why so courteous? I’m only repaying the kindness that I was shown. Besides, I owe the Quest family big time,” Yaksha replied. “I came here with my helicopter. I’ll fly you there right away,” Stanley suggested, but Yaksha shook his head. “We don’t need a helico

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