Chapter 2019

“All right, Stan, I think you’re right. What if Xyla hates us when she finds out later?” Sharon Lindt asked. Stanley Batton frowned deeply, feeling mixed emotions. “I’d rather be hated by her than have her go through an emotional breakdown.” Xyla Quest was already devastated. If she found out about her father’s death, things would only worsen. The consequences might be dire if the emotional stress takes a toll on her. He wouldn’t allow that to happen, even if Xyla ended up hating him. He needed to protect his wife. Sharon instantly nodded in agreement. “All right, Stan, I’ll do as you say. What do we do next?” Stanley furrowed his brows. “Send his body to the morgue but don’t proceed with cremation just yet. Get an autopsy first.” His mother's eyes widened in surprise when she heard this. “Do you suspect there might be something behind his death?” He frowned again. “Just as a precaution.” It was better to investigate Jeremy Quest’s death thoroughly since it happened a little

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