Chapter 2016

“You must keep an eye on Ms. Quest. She shouldn’t move around too much. If she tears her wound again, she wouldn’t be able to bear it. “Also, monitor her emotions, or her recovery would be affected. If things worsen, her wound might get infected. It could put her life at risk.” The doctor had a solemn expression on his face as he spoke, releasing a long, helpless sigh after finishing his sentence. As a doctor in this hospital for twenty years, he’d seen all sorts of cases, but this was the first time he'd encountered something like this. Sharon Lindt cried as she listened to his advice, ensuring to remember all of it. After wiping her tears away, she gazed at the doctor. “I understand. Thank you, Doctor. Can I have a word with you?” He nodded respectfully and left the ward first. Meanwhile, Sharon wiped her tears away again before following him out. After closing the door behind her, Sharon said softly, “I can’t let this go on for my daughter-in-law any longer. You were right,

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