Chapter 2002

The babies were placed in a transparent, round-shaped thermal compartment. Miniature duvets covered their bodies with various tubes connected to them. From far, it appeared as if they were sound asleep as they barely moved. Due to the distance, Stanley Batton couldn’t see their faces clearly. Even so, he could feel his heart breaking for his two children. If it was possible, he hoped his children could survive. He wished he and Xyla could take care of them and watch them grow. Right then, a transparent door slowly opened and a nurse clad in a sterile gown approached him with another pair in her hand. “Mr. Batton? Please come in and put on this sterile gown. You’ll be able to enter and take a closer look at your babies after you put on a face mask and get disinfected.” Stanley nodded slightly before walking in, following her instructions. He changed into a sterile gown and slipped on a face mask to cover his lower face before undergoing a full-body disinfecting process. After a

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