Chapter 19

May Conner grabbed the phone in time. She immediately saw that Emily Quest had made it as one of the most popular topics on the internet yet again. Currently, Emily was in the third spot, with the headlines reading ‘#Emily Quest hires goons to attack Xyla Quest but fails and ends up being arrested#’ After that, May Conner tapped into the link and noticed that the news was all shared by the same marketing account. It was all about Emily Quest being arrested by police officers late at night. Since the photos were taken from a direct angle, Emily’s face and the handcuffs around her wrists were clearly visible. May had already hired a lawyer and sent him to the police station. At first, she intended to bring Emily home before Jeremy Quest noticed. However, Weibo was much faster than her. May tossed the phone at Xyla. “What is going on?” Xyla looked down at the contents of the phone. There were all sorts of gossip about Emily. “Oh god, when will Emily Quest die? Why did the Sullivan family ever accept a daughter-in-law like her?” “If I were Jeremy Quest, I would break her legs right away.” “I pity Xyla Quest for having such an inhuman sister. I hope Emily Quest gets a lifetime jail sentence. Thank you.” Although Xyla was secretly satisfied, she looked at May calmly. “What do you mean?” “I’m sure you are the one who bought your way to make Emily one of the most popular topics on the internet. You intentionally did it so that your dad and everyone else would see it, and so that your dad and the Sullivan family would hate her. It would make taking over the Quest family’s inheritance much easier, and also allow you to snatch Tom Sullivan away. Isn’t that so?” May asked coldly without holding anything back. “Shut up! B*tch! Do you think Xyla is as evil as you lot?” Jeremy yelled coldly before he turned to look gently at Xyla. “Xyla, are you alright?” When he saw the bloodstain on Xyla’s right arm, he nervously reached for her wrist. “What happened? Did those people hurt you?” Xyla shook her head. “No, those people didn’t get their way with me. Someone at the bar rescued me just in time.” When he noticed the red mark on Xyla’s face, Jeremy’s face darkened instantly. “Did Aunty hit you?” The red mark looked new. They had definitely been left there very recently. “No… I didn’t hit her,” May explained frantically. “No? Did the red mark my daughter’s face fall from the sky?” Jeremy asked coldly. May was suddenly speechless. “What right do you have to hit my daughter? Huh?” Jeremy was getting angrier by the second. “I…” “Get upstairs and think about what you have done. Also, forget about the 7% shares of the Quest family’s business I was going to give you before!” Jeremy said mercilessly. May’s eyes turned red. “Darling, you can’t do this to me…” Jeremy walked upstairs without saying a word. Feeling extremely upset, May stomped her feet on the ground. Xyla glared at her coldly before limping her way up the stairs. May immediately grabbed Xyla by her wrist. “Xyla Quest, are you satisfied now? Is this what you wanted?” She asked in a trembling voice. “Yeah. I am satisfied.” Although Xyla spoke very softly, there was a coldness in her voice. May had never expected Xyla to answer in such a straightforward manner. In the past, regardless of how unhappy Xyla was, she would never show it. Most of the time, to avoid making Jeremy angry, Xyla would keep an eye closed regardless of what May and Emily did. However, Xyla was a changed person now. She seemed to be exacting revenge on everything they had done. In fact, she would not mind making Jeremy upset to get her way with them. “If you don’t want to lose any more than you already have, I suggest you be kind, Aunty.” Xyla Quest patted May on her shoulder gently before limping her way up the stairs. In the past, she would always hold back to avoid making things worse. For the sake of peace in the family, and not wanting to make her father upset over minor things in the family, Xyla would not fight back. It was not because she was incapable of doing so, but because she simply chose not to be bothered. However, May and Emily did not deserve her patience anymore. Any person who was too kind would often get bullied. “Xyla Quest, don’t waste your time and effort. You will never get Tom Sullivan back. You’re acting all high and mighty, but you actually want that man back, don’t you? You want to prove to that man you are better than Emily Quest… “Also, the Quest family will never belong to you alone,” May added. Xyla could no longer hold her laughter in. She stopped and turned around to look at May. “Do you think I need to snatch a man like Tom Sullivan away from Emily? As for who the Quest family’s inheritance belongs to, it’s up to Dad, not you.” What a joke… May attempted to speak but could not find the words to retort. If Xyla was not doing this for Tom Sullivan, that meant she wanted to have her revenge. Did she want to torture May and Emily? From the looks of things, May was afraid that she and her daughter would really be deprived of their possession over the Quest family’s wealth in the future. May would not allow Xyla to have her way! Everything in the Quest family rightfully belonged to her and her daughter! It had nothing to do with Xyla Quest! *** A bright red Maserati was parked in the courtyard in a luxurious, six-floor, European-inspired villa in the suburbs. Groups of bodyguards approached the car respectfully as soon as they saw it. After that, Zack Cassidy came out of the house in a tuxedo and jogged quickly to the car before hastily opening the door. As soon as the door was opened, Stanley Batton’s features became much more three-dimensional under the streetlight. It also made the wet patches on his body more so apparent. Seeing this, Zack’s eyes widened. “Fifth Master… Did you get hurt again?” “The wounds reopened. It’s not a big deal,” Stanley replied calmly before getting out of the car slowly. “What happened? Did you go to the hospital?” Zack seemed very concerned. “No, somebody took care of it for me.” Zack seemed confused… ‘Somebody?’ Who could easily have access to Fifth Master’s body? “A woman?” Zack asked carefully. Stanley did not reply to Zack. Instead, he began taking big strides toward the brightly lit living room. Watching the man from behind, Zack silently pushed his gold-framed glasses further up his nose. ‘It must be a woman.’ What kind of a woman could touch Fifth Master’s body? Zack quickly ran after Stanley. “It was a woman, wasn’t it? Is she a professional? Fifth Master, you ought to know how valuable your blood is. If you lose too much blood, you might…” “Would my wife not be professional?” Stanley answered calmly before he looked straight ahead. Zack looked confused. ‘His wife? ‘Does he mean Xyla Quest? ‘Did they meet again tonight?’ In the past, before Stanley had encountered Xyla Quest, he would not even allow Zack to say the word ‘wife’. In fact, he would snort whenever her name was mentioned. Why had his attitude changed completely? Was it true that nobody could escape from true beauty? Feeling utterly confused by his fifth master, Zack hastily ran after Stanley. When they arrived at the center of the living room, Stanley suddenly stopped. “Zack Cassidy…”