Chapter 1991

Georgie Clementine shrugged helplessly. “Fine, we’ll eat at home,” Henry Armstrong nodded, fully understanding how Georgie’s parents felt. Parents around the world would do anything for their children. At this moment, he had a deeper sense of respect for Georgie’s parents. That evening, everyone had a sumptuous meal of hot pot at home amidst a joyful banter. Henry knew how to make his future in-laws happy, repeatedly joking while never stopping putting food onto their plates throughout the meal. Although Henry came from a wealthy family, he didn’t behave like a snobbish person at all and managed to keep Georgie’s parents happy all on his own. The two of them grew even more fond of him now as they talked and laughed all night long. Georgie felt extremely satisfied as she observed this, thinking that she had indeed found the right person. Halfway through the meal, the doorbell started ringing. Ding-dong. Ding-dong. Hearing it, Henry immediately stood up to walk to the door. “I

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