Chapter 1971

“No way!" Georgie Clementine exclaimed. "Henry wants to invite you and Stanley to dinner tonight at eight. We’ll go to the new western restaurant on the top floor of Goldfield Plaza.” Xyla Quest did a quick mental overview of her schedule, determining that she was free that night. However, she wasn’t sure if her husband, Stanley Batton, was free. “I’m fine with that, but I’m not too sure if my husband is available,” she said. “In that case, will you please check with him? Henry is inviting Sebastian and Josh as well,” Georgie told her. "He intends to gather everyone together." “Hmm, all right.” After chatting briefly with Georgie, Xyla hung up and proceeded downstairs. She could smell the fragrant aroma of toasts from the living room, so she followed it into the kitchen. There, she found Stanley carefully cutting toasts, with a black apron covering over his black attire. He looked homely yet noble. Xyla stepped forward immediately. “Good morning, Honey.” “Good morning.” “

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