Chapter 1969

Alex didn’t want to ruin the balance and peace he had right now or allow himself to mess things up. There was no point. Aside from making things awkward between him and Xyla Quest, nothing good would come out of it. Therefore, he would let things be. He would secretly love her, look at her, and do everything he could for her as her friend and team member. He’d do anything to make her happy. Sometimes, loving someone didn’t mean having to possess that person. Seeing Xyla happy was a form of happiness for Alex, too. While he’d feel jealous of Stanley Batton sometimes, he knew that nobody else would be good enough for Xyla other than him. When his teammates heard what he said, they sighed in relief and stopped gossiping about him. “That’s great, or we’d be troubled.” “You scared me there, but that’s great.” “I thought you had a crush on our boss. It’s good that you don’t.” “It's one thing that our boss is married. With her status, ordinary gamers like us should not even consid

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